Patch Marchi was a previousilly owner of Patch&Blue's Grocery Store open between 1980-present. Allthough the store did close temporairly due to the "Caliente Gatos Lawsuit". Patch Marchi died in 2009.

Early 80sEdit

Patch Marchi was born into then known family with Ivy and her Brother, Blue Marchi (1985-present). By 1994, Patch Marchi and Blue Marchi created Patch&Blue's Grocery.

Caliente Gatos LawsuitEdit

Patch was envolved in the lawsuit, when Nickoli blamed Patch as well as Blacky for the issues. See The Catsville Stories.


In 2009, Patch Marchi was shot in front of Whity Towers. Her brother, Blue Marchi still runs the store, with the help of Whity Corporation.