Patch&Blue's Grocery Store is a grocery store currently owned by Blue Marchi.

Original OpeningEdit

Patch&Blue's originally opened in 1972, by Patch Marchi and Blue Marchi. Up to 2008, it was known as Patch&Blue's Grocery.

Possible Death in 97'Edit

In 1997, a possible death issued by then Sherry Marchi concluded the store's status. The store was closed the following year in 1998. Between 1998-2008 ten years, the area which once occupied Patch&Blue's sat lonely and sad. According to Blacky Sare, The property became a mess and was never acuired again until 2008.

Caliente Gatos entersEdit

In 2008, years later, Nickoli Gaudet built Caliente Gatos, and the so called "Caliente Gatos Lawsuit" Began.

See: Caliente Gatos, Nickoli Gaudet

Patch Gets ShotEdit

In 2009, Patch Marchi was shot on the ground in front of Whity Towers by Whity.

Patch&Blue's Comes backEdit

In 2010, Blue Marchi took over the company and Patch&Blue's re-opened. Caliente Gatos is now in South Catsville.