Le Casin was a former casino located in Whity Towers (then whity's whitish whiter white hotel). It was open between 1993-1999.

Le Bella GatoEdit

It was closed for room to remodel the then small Le Bella Gato. At the time, Le Bella Gato was 2 catfeet long and the casino was the same. It was closed to make way for Le Bella Gato, when Le Bella Gato closed, Le Blonk Charmo was opened, which used both previousilly used spaces.


An additional wing at Whity Towers between 2008-2010 known as El Whitor Wing was torn down to make room for Zirroco's Cafe. Zirroco's Cafe, stands where El Whitor Wing, Le Bella Gato, Le Blonk Charmo and Le Casin once stood.