Charcoal's Grill


Charcoal Sare (March 25th, 2011 - Present)

First Opened:

August, 2011 (Central Catsville) 3/25/2011 (Whitestuff Island) 4/2/2011 (North Catsville) 5/25/2011 (South Catsville)

Charcoal's Grill is grill and a chain of grills, located in Central Catsville.It is currently owned by Charcoal Sare. Charcoal announced in 2019 that he was retiring at the end of the year and the grill will be up for sale.

Charcoal C. Sare. The reason for building the grill, is because Charcoal says he would like to own his own place instead of having Nickoli or Whity own it. Charcoal, who had previoisully worked for Whity during TCS. All locations are complete and operating. It is also the first catsville chain and the first restaurant/any business to have a ppt website at www.charcoal' This has it's official launch at the end of August, 2011.


Construction began on 3/7/2011 but was stalled until further in 2011. At the moment, the central catsville version is open, the Whitestuff Island, as well as the island itself/Tropical White Hotel is open as of 3/25/2011, also the North Catsville Charcoal's Grill is open, as of 4/2/2011. The South Catsville version opened on 5/25/2011.


Charcoal's Grill is the first catsville restaurant/establishment to have it's own website, www.charcoal' This will be located on Catsville's Domain,, accessible only in catsville.