Caliente Gatos

Owned By:

Nickoli Gaudet (August, 2009 - Present)

First Opened:

March, 2009 March, 2012 (NICKOLI's Hotel Version)

Caliente Gatos is a fictional restaurant currently located in South Catsville and formelly located in Central Catsville during The Catsville Stories.

Caliente Gatos's logo as of 2011.

Blacky Vs. Nickoli Lawsuit

 A Lawsuit involving Nickoli Gaudet, Restaurant Entrepreneur and TV Studios owner versus Owner of Catsville, Blacky C. Sare, the restaurant apparently was on former ground of Patch&Blue's Grocery. And Nickoli did not get correct permission of Patch and Blue in order to build the restaurant.

First Closure

The first closure of the restaurant was seen toards the end of the eposide, Building A Restaurant. It was re-opened in the eposide "Re-Opening Caliente Gatos".

Caliente Gatos vs. Le Blonk Charmo

Whity Sare, owner of Whity's Whitish White hotel then challanged Nickoli by building an italian restaurant known as Le Blonk Charmo. This restaurant would soon be home to many arguements involving Creamy and Milkshake.

Caliente Gatos Today

Due to a settling argument between Blacky C. Sare, Blue Marchi (surviving member of Patch / Blue, Patch was shot) now operates the low-income, low-customer average grocery store, Patch&Blue's Grocery. Nickoli moved Caliente Gatos up to South Catsville and remodled the restaurant to include Caliente Mall, a new seating area, and an animatronic cat/dog based show. It has also been mentioned briefly in The New Catsville Stories. In May, 2012 a 24/7 a second Caliente Gatos was opened at NICKOLI's Hotel and Spa. In 2018, Nickoli would announce a new 3rd Caliente Gatos known as Caliente Gatos: Fresh, which will be in North Catsville. Construction will start in March, 2018, according to Nickoli.